Pauline Golds Pauline Golds, Writer, poet, genealogist, mother, grandmother and hippy. Author of Grow Your Own Family Tree, Silhouettes in a Silent Land and From Greyscale to Technicolor.
Pauline Golds. Writer, poet, genealogist, mother, grandmother and hippy

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Pictures from the book From Greyscale to Technicolor

Here are some of the photos and pictures featured in my book.

The Alex

Class of '64

I am 4th from the right on the front row.

St Peter's Log Book

The day I started school.

St Peter's Teachers

Miss Clothier, Mrs Collins (Secretary), Miss Conn, Mrs Lewis.

The Wendy House in Miss Conn's class

A Girl's Brigade Certificate

A Sunday School Certificate


I got a star for this piece of work!

Portslade Congregationalist Church

The cattle arch in Portslade


Taken the day I appeared on TV.


These are what's left of my childhood toys.

The Downs

Doreen and her children and my cousin Carole having a picnic on the Downs.

St Nicholas Road

My street and the lamp post where we tied our French skipping ropes.

Hove Lagoon

My kitten Bimbo

Dr Who

The first ever episode of Dr Who in the Radio Times.

School Report

The Monkees

The Hair Album

A present for my 13th birthday.

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