Pauline Golds Pauline Golds, Writer, poet, genealogist, mother, grandmother and hippy. Author of Grow Your Own Family Tree, Silhouettes in a Silent Land and From Greyscale to Technicolor.
Pauline Golds. Writer, poet, genealogist, mother, grandmother and hippy

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Grow Your Own Family Tree : A Comprehensive Guide to Tracing Your Ancestry by Pauline Golds
Grow Your Own Family Tree: A Comprehensive Guide to Tracing Your Ancestry

With so many online resources now available to those researching family trees, it can be a daunting task for the beginner. This book goes through all the basics and offers advice on making use of the best of the internet. It explains in depth how to obtain relevant documents, how to gather clues to further your research and how to do all this in the most economical way. The book also covers many topics likely to be unfamiliar to the 21st century researcher such as the Poor Laws and the Workhouses, Marriage Laws and other Parliamentary Acts.

Publisher: Straightforward Publishing
Publication Date: 23rd March 2023

(2023 Revised Edition)

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Silhouettes in a Silent Land by Pauline Golds Silhouettes in a Silent Land

Have you ever wondered how your ancestors lived? Or how much of the life you were born into has been due to the way they lived their lives? In this book, the narrator relates her day-to-day existence with the aid of a journal and embarks on a journey of discovery as she researches the lives of her ancestors on the internet. She discovers how differently they lived but how familiarly they loved, laughed and cried. From the secret world of smuggling on the Sussex Coast, through tempestuous times in Yorkshire and Wiltshire with the onset of the Industrial Revolution, to the trenches of World War 1, we learn about the Luddite rebellion, the Swing Riots and the surge of Protestant Nonconformism. We are taken back to a time when men scraped a living off the land and young girls left home to become servants for the rich and powerful. Chimney sweeps, midwives, thieves and fishmongers are just some of the people we meet along the way. Ordinary people living the most extraordinary lives.
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From Greyscale to Technicolor by Pauline Golds From Greyscale to Technicolor

Growing up in Portslade, (near Brighton) East Sussex in the 1960s, my childhood was very different to that of my grandchildren. In this book I have tried to give an insight into those days of coal fires, rag 'n' bone men and black and white television. As far as possible I have endeavoured to avoid using rose tinted spectacles, although memory has a funny way of recalling the good and blocking out the not so good.
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The Cobweb (A poem)

There's a cobweb hanging loose upon my ceiling,
I notice it whilst lying on my bed,
But at that time my mood is not for cleaning,
So there it hangs, its spinner long since dead.

But when I'm wielding polish, cloth and duster
And shifting dirt from skirting, shelf and sill,
The cobweb gets forgotten in my fluster,
And so I guess it's hanging up there still!

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